Offering a Wide Variety of Security Systems

SECURITY SYSTEMS Silence isn't always golden!

  • Residential Systems

  • Commercial Systems

  • 24 Hour Monitoring

Mountain Valley Systems can install a new security/ fire system in your home or business, new construction or existing. The newest technology is the home automation through a phone app. Protect your family and/or business with Mountain Valley Systems.

Give yourself  peace of mind. Call Mountain Valley Systems today for your free estimate!


24-Hour Monitoring – Certificate of Installation for Insurance Discounts

GATE SYSTEMS Security Gates

Mountain Valley Systems can install the latest in gate technology for your home or business. With different gate operations, additional security is easier than ever. Your new gate can swing open or slide, depending on what best fits your applications. MVS offers gate types; wood, aluminum, or steel. Today's gates have the options of battery backups, vehicle sensors, solar panel charging, alarms (if the gate is forced open), magnetic locking systems, and more.

Your new gate can be custom-tailored to fit your needs!

  • Residential Swing & Slide Gates
  • Commercial Swing & Slide Gates
  • Standard or Custom Gates
  • Double Swing Gates
  • Barrier Arm

Additional accessories for most gates

  • Mag Locks

  • Battery Backup

  • Solar Panels

  • Cellular Phone Entry/Intercom

  • Keypad Intercom

  • Hardwired

  • Wireless Remote

  • Lighted Keypads (multiple users)

  • Wireless Entry

  • Proximity Card Readers

  • Internal Camera

  • Auto Exit Sensor

  • Safety Photo Beam Sensor

  • Emergency Vehicle Activation Entry

  • SOS – Emergency Siren Sensor

  • Free Exit Sensor

Phone Entry Systems

With a new phone entry system, visitors are able to call and speak to a resident by entering a simple three-digit personalized key code listed in the electronic directory. Residents may then grant access by pressing a number on their telephone or deny access by simply hanging up.

This product can add additional security to any gated community and provide access for your visitors by the simple touch of a button on your phone. Systems are expandable according to the number of residents (1-3000 resident names).

Also available is the Remote Pro Software* for convenient offsite programming. Remote control for convenient access from your automobile.

  • Optional Equipment Available:

  • Wireless Remote Entry

  • Card Readers

  • Remotes

  • Bar Code Readers

  • PC Programmables 


Fire Systems

Mountain Valley Systems can install a new fire control system (conventional or addressable) at your business. Using high-quality brands like Fire-Lite, Ademco 32 combo, and Silent Night, we can create a tight integration of your fire and security systems. With today's technology, the alarming device can be annunciated by Point ID Locating. Your place of business will be safer than ever. Call Mountain Valley Systems for your free estimate.


  • Silent Knight

  • Firelite

  • Ademco combos

Cameras and Equipment

Mountain Valley Systems can provide you with a vast assortment of cameras, lenses, monitors, DVR, and recorders to suit your needs, hardwired or wireless for residential or commercial. With today's technology with closed-circuit TV (CCTV), your options are limitless. Mountain Valley Systems can provide you with a multitude of options for your home or business.

We can also provide you with remote surveillance monitoring. You can watch your business from home or on a boat. You can view your camera from anywhere via the Internet with most of our devices that use a Static IP address.  MVS can also install covert camera systems for the intrusive, private needs.


Smart Home Systems/Home Theater/Residential Sound Systems

We can also provide you with the latest technology in home automation,
intercoms, televisions, home theaters, or sound systems. Give MVS a call today for a free quote.

Mountain Valley Systems can help you select your perfect theater system. With our vast knowledge of the products on the market, we can help you narrow down what system would best fit your situation and install it for you.

We can provide you with detailed information on residential sound systems. Including; receivers, CD players, speakers, switch boxes, amps, selectors, and all kinds of accessories. Ever thought of a rock speaker system around your pool? Or adding a sound system to your home theater?

Please give us a call at Mountain Valley Systems for more information on any home theater, sound systems, or smart home products.

Commercial, Residential, and Pro Sound Systems

Mountain Valley Systems can provide your sound needs for any application; whether it is your church, place of business. With top-of-the-line electronics, we can help you create the perfect sound system for your needs, big or small. Please contact Mountain Valley Systems for a free estimate today.

  • Speakers

  • PA Speakers

  • Bookshelf Speakers

  • Home Theater Speakers

  • Subwoofers

  • In-Wall Speakers

  • Ceiling Speakers

  • Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

  • Weatherproof Rock Speakers

  • Landscape Speakers

  • Monitor Speakers

  • Amps

  • Amps Range in All Wattage

  • Stereo Receiver Amps

  • Home Theater amps

  • Mixer Boards

  • 3-Line Scratch Mixer and 2-Line Scratch Mixer

  • 3-Line Scratch Mixer with Post-Process Looping

  • Multi-Channel Mixers

  • Switchers

  • Optical Digital Audio/Video Selector

  • Audio/Video Selectors

  • Remote Control Audio/Video Switcher

  • Speaker Selectors with Impedance Protection

  • Speaker Selector with Volume Controls

  • Impedance-Matching Loudspeaker Switching Systems

  • Microphones

  • Wireless Microphones

  • Vocal Microphones

  • Instrument microphones

  • Unidirectional Microphone

  • Other Equipments

  • Antennas

  • Wiring

  • Remotes

Mountain Valley Systems can also assist with not only the installation of your TV and equipment but offers a wide selection to choose from. We can order your TV, install it, and connect it to your satellite or cable provider, surround system, or home theater system.

Wall Speakers
Mountain Valley Systems has an extremely wide selection of speakers and audio equipment. We have a solution for all your audio needs. With today's wide variety of speakers, you can place them virtually anywhere around your business or home. If you have a preference of manufacture, we can provide you with that.

Ceiling Speakers
Here are a few that we recommend: NuTone, JBL, Legend Audio, M&S, Preferred Audio, Russound, and Symphony Select.

Simulated Rock Speakers
Please give us a call at Mountain Valley Systems and we can help you find the best speakers for all your needs.

Visit our Commercial and Pro Sound page for a list of the audio systems we offer.

Mountain Valley Systems can provide you with the latest technology in
intercoms. Intercoms are the easiest way to communicate within your
business or home. You can use your intercom to monitor your family or
add security to your building. Please call Mountain Valley Systems for
more information on how intercoms can help you.

NuTone/M&S (Music and Sound)

  • CD Player
  • Cassette Player
  • Door Answering Speaker
  • Inside Room Stations With Speakers and Intercom
  • Outdoor Patio Speakers and Intercom
  • Hands-Free Answering


Climate systems

Climate systems control the heating and cooling in different parts (zones) of a house through thermostats installed in each zone.

Basic thermostats allow users to set the desired temperature, which they then maintain until somebody makes another change.

Programmable thermostats have schedules and change the temperature during the day automatically. In the winter, they can be programmed to raise the temperature in the morning while you get ready for work and then lower the temperature until later in the afternoon when you return, saving you money during the day.

A typical schedule has 4 periods each day: morning, daytime, evening, and night. Some thermostats also allow you to have different schedules for different days of the week, allowing you to customize the settings for your regular weekly pattern.

Although programmable thermostats can save you money, each thermostat in the house has to be programmed, and this can be difficult given their interface system. Also, when you leave for an extended period, you have to go to each thermostat to set them back while you are gone.

Audio systems

Audio systems provide music to various parts of the home, either through simple stereos in each room or from elaborate whole-house audio distribution systems.

A basic audio system is a familiar setup consisting of a stereo and a set of speakers nearby. This setup is convenient and simple.

A more sophisticated solution to audio has a stereo at a central location, with speakers installed in the wall in a number of rooms. Each room also has a volume control, allowing local control of the volume. The same music is played in each room, but changing the track on a CD or switching to a different radio station requires walking to the central source to make the change.

The ultimate in whole-house audio is a multi-source/multi-zone system, which features keypads in each listening area that provides control over the music source just for that zone. From the keypad, you can choose to listen to the CD player, and then start playing the CD, jump to the next track, etc.

In addition to raising or lowering the volume, someone in another room can choose to listen to the CD player too, or they can choose to listen to the radio. The music sources (CD player, etc.) are mounted in a central location along with the amplifier and controller that works with the keypads. Individual wires are run to the keypads and speakers in each room.

Lighting systems

Lighting systems provide convenience and enhanced peace of mind by allowing users to control many lights from one location and by allowing users to set up schedules that turn lights on and off automatically at certain times of the day or night. Lighting systems provide three main benefits in a home: centralized control of many switches, preset scenes for common activities, and time-based scheduling of lighting.

Centralized control is a great time-saver by allowing you to switch lights on and off in different parts of the house from one location. A good example is when you get ready to go to bed at night: instead of walking around the house to turn off all the outside lights, simply push one button in your master bedroom. Or if you hear a strange sound, press another to immediately turn all of the outside lights on.

Lighting scenes are convenient because they allow you to switch or dim many lights in a specific space with one button press. For example, a typical kitchen might have anywhere from 5 to 15 light switches. With conventional switches, you have to walk around and set each one. With a lighting system, you establish specific scenes for cooking, eating, cleaning up, etc., and then with one button press, select the scene to set all the lights to the desired level.

Some lighting systems also provide time-based scheduling, so that outside lights are always turned on just before sunset and then turned off at midnight. And when you're away on vacation, time-based scheduling can also be used to simulate at-home behavior to make your house appear lived-in.

Entry-level lighting systems use the 110-volt power lines in the home to communicate with light switches. A couple of variations to this technology are available (X-10, PLC) and provide the most cost-effective solution. Higher-end lighting systems are normally more reliable and rely on either a wireless link or a dedicated signal wire to communicate with the switches.

Security systems

Security systems monitor the home for intrusion and fire. Systems sound a siren and (optionally) notify a monitoring service in the event of an alarm.

Basic security systems consist of a main keypad at a central location with a handful of wireless sensors detecting motion in primary spaces and fire.

More sophisticated systems have a control panel that is mounted in a closet or the basement, and then any number of keypads are located by main entry doors, as well as a keypad in the master bedroom. In new construction or renovations, sensors to all first-floor windows and doors are hardwired back to the panel. In addition, sensors for fire on each floor and motion or glass-break sensors in large living spaces are available.

All security systems offer a monitoring service. When an alarm occurs, the control panel calls the central station with a particular alarm. For fire, the fire department is typically dispatched immediately to the house, potentially saving valuable time. For intrusion alarms, the monitoring station may call the house for password verification before dispatching the police.

Because monitored systems reduce the likelihood of loss from fire or theft, most insurance companies offer a discount to homeowners with monitored systems installed.

Video systems

Video systems allow you to look at another part of the house to check on a child or an outdoor area. With special Internet-enabled software, you can connect to home remotely over the Internet.

Video systems provide a number of benefits by delivering a live video image from one or more cameras to a convenient viewing location.

Basic video systems consist of a camera mounted at the front door or looking over the play area. A cable routes the signal back into the house's television system so that the image can be seen on any TV by tuning in to a specific channel. If there are several cameras in the house, each camera can be placed onto its own channel, or a special integration device can be used to show all the images at once, tiled onto one screen.

Higher-end cameras are network-enabled and can deliver the video feed over the home network to any computer in the house. In this case, the image can also be viewed over the Internet, allowing homeowners to check on their home from work or to easily monitor a vacation home

Projections A solution for every presentation...

Whatever the presentation, whatever the situation... with our range of high-performance Multimedia Projectors, you have a choice. Now, you can select the ideal projector to meet your needs. For convenience, high-quality images, and quiet, trouble-free operation, choose one of Mountain Valley System's Multimedia Projectors.

Please give Mountain Valley Systems a call for more information on your future projector.